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October 2021
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Elizabeth Ziman invites me into her Brooklyn apartment for tea and ravioli. A New York native, Ziman talks about growing up in Greenwich Village and explains how a landlord battle forced her to reexamine a stack of old journals she found during the move. Combining their contents with imagery from fever dreams, she fashioned the songs for Elizabeth & the Catapult's fourth LP, Keepsake. She also discusses having an ex for a producer, why she still busks in the subway, and why it's important to acknowledge the real world while she's onstage.



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Matthew Logan Vasquez revisits a changing Brooklyn as he joins me for a drink at the Williamsburg Hotel's lobby bar. After a decade of fronting Delta Spirit, Vasquez has been steadily releasing music as a solo artist since 2015's Austin EP. On his second album, Does What He Wants, Matt does just that, taking the listener on a stylistically diverse journey through rock and roll. MLV tells why he had to "strike out on his own" in order to keep making music for a living, and how he strategized his son's birth around touring.



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Americana artist Caleb Caudle joins me for a drink at Rockwood Music Hall in the Lower East Side before his show downstairs. Now sober, Caleb explains how his previous partying lifestyle had informed many of his lyrics in the past, but how he's looking forward to tackling new subject matter. Last year, he released his seventh LP, the critically acclaimed Carolina Ghost, which he describes as all love songs. With the woman from those songs now his wife, what will the tunes on his upcoming Crushed Coins be about?



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Mike Savino a.k.a. Tall Tall Trees has a quick beer with me at The Magician in Manhattan's Lower East Side before his show at Rockwood Music Hall. Savino tells how he originally went to school to be a doctor before dropping out to pursue his true passion. He also explains why and how he built his trademark "Banjotron 5000," a Swiss Army knife of an instrument that allows him to create sounds you never thought you'd hear coming from a banjo. Having recording his first two albums as a band, Mike describes what it was like to write and record his third LP, Freedays, as a solo project.



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Katy Frame and Marie Cecile Anderson of country comedy group Reformed Whores chat with me over handcrafted cocktails at the Shanty in Williamsburg. The bawdy duo explain why they gravitated to their unconventional instruments (accordion and ukulele), reveal how they relentlessly researched other comedy bands' careers as a blueprint for their own, and recount the whirlwind recording session at the legendary RCA Studio A in Nashville for their second album, Don't Beat Around the Bush.



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Cris Jacobs knocks back a bourbon to stave off a cold before his show at American Beauty in NYC. After noodling around on acid in his backyard with friends in high school, Cris dedicated his college years to practicing bluegrass guitar for five hours a day. It paid off, with Jacobs spending a decade in Baltimore jamband The Bridge before going solo. Cris explains how becoming a father influenced his stunning sophomore effort, Dust to Gold, and shares his plans for an upcoming LP with Ivan Neville.



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R&B songstress Emily King has a quick drink with me at YN in Manhattan, NY. Her debut record, East Side Story, was nominated for the 2007 Best Contemporary R&B Album, but she was dropped by her label the following year. Having just released the deluxe edition of her second full-length, The Switch, King discusses navigating the music business, the main difficulty she has when writing songs for someone else, and why it's important for her to keep performing in spite of the troubling times we're living in.
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Funk icon George Clinton has a beer with me directly following his concert with Parliament-Funkadelic at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas.  Clinton gives an overview of his six decades in the music business, from his early days of auditioning for Motown to his current struggles in attempting to regain the copyrights to many of his classic works.  He explains why the hard-rocking Funkadelic has taken the forefront in recent years, and how having his grandchildren in the band has influenced their latest record, First Ya Gotta Shake the Gate.



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Pop Etc's Chris Chu and I go on a Cobble Hill bar crawl, stopping for drinks at the Long Island Bar and Henry Public.  Chu reveals how seeing Elliott Smith in concert made him realize that an artist's success isn't necessarily tied to their own happiness.  Instead, Chris' hope is that people will listen to Pop Etc and bond their personal experiences to it, which is why the band's latest album is called Souvenir.  With a tune in the final scene of the final Twilight movie and couples asking him to use his songs for their weddings, he's getting his wish.



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Lissie chats with me over a drink in the backyard of Muldoon's Irish Pub in Midtown Manhattan. Originally hailing from Rock Island, IL, she explains how she received an early confidence boost from G. Love, which inspired her to move out to California to pursue her music career.  She recently bought a farm in Iowa, but her latest album, My Wild West, focuses on her times back in the Golden State.  Lisse reveals that she views songwriting as a form of therapy, and how this LP represents a shift away from her typical song fodder, romantic relationships.



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All five members of Philadelphia's haze-pop band Cheerleader have a drink with me in the basement of Mercury Lounge in Manhattan before they go onstage.  They explain why playing the late show feels like a graduation of sorts, and how radio has been quite beneficial to them even in today's streaming industry.  The guys tell me why it's okay to listen year-round to their summery debut LP, The Sunshine of Your Youth, and share their feelings on the record a year after its release.



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Brian Bonz has an IPA with me in the downstairs bar at Bowery Ballroom before opening for Nightmare of You.  Bonz explains how being an opener provides him with a priceless connection to new fans, which proved especially helpful when it came to crowd-funding his latest LP, Misophonia.  Although the title refers to a hatred of certain sounds, Brian reveals why he didn't mind the intrusion of construction noises during the recording process.



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Growing up in Yorkshire, England, Findlay Brown played Army games in the woods with his friends.  Once he'd reached his teenage years, he had his enlistment papers ready to go, but a chance encounter with LSD and a copy of Electric Ladyland changed his life forever.  Over a beer in the backyard of Troost in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Brown tells this story and how other major events have inspired his three albums.  He explains how his most recent record, Slow Light, came to be as a result of his forays into minimalism and shamanic ceremonies.



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Whilst sipping a tequila at a sidewalk table at Epstein's in New York's Lower East Side, Rayland Baxter demonstrates how to write poetic lyrics that are open to interpretation, a trick that his father learned from playing with Bob Dylan. Baxter's sophomore album, Imaginary Man, is full of such lyrics, and he explains how his questions about human existence inspired many of the LP's tracks.



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Erin Rauch-Sasseen, her twin sisters Katie and Anna, and friends Matthew Langner and Jamie DiTringo make up the NJ/NY indie pop group Hey Anna. Erin has a drink with me at Oak & Iron in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to discuss how the band built its Japanese fanbase, where they meet to practice, and why they crowdfunded their debut LP, Run Koko. Rauch-Sasseen also explains the importance of music videos and makes her case for a Hey Anna West Coast tour.



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Sergio Rios and Adryon de León of L.A. funk band Orgone have some drinks with me in the spacious green room of Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas.  Rios traces the group's origins on the Venice Beach boardwalk, explains what it takes to be in the Orgone family, and reveals how they came to find de León on YouTube.  Adryon discusses her first performance with the band and why it took a little liquid courage to record a certain cover for their 8th album, Beyond the Sun.



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Gill Landry has a beer with me while he eats his pre-show pizza at Benson's in NYC's Lower East Side.  After serving years as a sideman in Old Crow Medicine Show, Landry decided it was time to fully pursue his solo career with his self-titled third LP.  Gill talks about his goal to make the album for fewer than $5000, how spending his 20s in New Orleans affected his songwriting, and his contributions to the touring documentary, Austin to Boston.



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Dave Monks and I have some non-Canadian brews at Sugarburg in Brooklyn, NY.  Known by many as the bassist and singer of Tokyo Police Club, Monks explains how a move to NYC inspired him to write the songs for his first solo EP, All Signs Point to Yes.  Dave also reveals the differences in recording TPC's Champ and Forcefield albums, and teaches me the correct pronunciation of Toronto.




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Young Buffalo's Jim Barrett and Ben Yarbrough have some drinks with me in the backyard of One Mile House before their show at Bowery Ballroom.  Barrett started Young Buffalo in high school as a senior project, which he actually failed.  If only his teacher could see him now, the band having finally released their debut album, House, after several lineup and label changes.  Jim and Ben share what it was like growing up in the college town of Oxford, MS and what the band listens to in the van.



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Robert Ellis joins me for a beer at Cheese Grille before a show next door at NYC's Rockwood Music Hall.  Robert explains why he dropped out of high school to play music in Houston, and how that city's variety of music styles influenced him.  Ellis also reveals how playing Katy Perry songs at weddings helps him as a performer, what it's like collaborating via text message, and the story behind Traveller, his latest side project with Jonny Fritz and Cory Chisel.



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Ryan Montbleau joins me for milkshakes on the sidewalk at Jimmy's Diner in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Ryan tells his story, from coming up as a musician in Boston to recording his most recent solo record in New Orleans with greats like George Porter, Jr. and Ivan Neville.  In 2013, after a decade of performing with the Ryan Montbleau Band, two of his bandmates announced they would be leaving to focus on their families.  Before they parted ways, everyone traveled to NOLA to record Growing Light, the band's fifth album (and Ryan's ninth).  Montbleau also discusses his recent move to Brooklyn and the pros and cons of playing with ever-changing lineups.

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While sipping a cocktail at the Richardson in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Christina Cone tells me that she always knew she would move to New York City post-graduation.  Since she made that decision, she's been able to make the city into her own little world, teaching piano lessons by day, and performing with her indie pop group, Frances Cone, at night.  Cone explains how boredom can fuel creativity, what it's like to date a band member, and why their self-titled EP was all about death.



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Jenny Owen Youngs and I hit it off over local craft beers at Threes Brewing in Brooklyn.  Having built a loyal fanbase by touring with punk rockers and performing online concerts in her apartment, Youngs explains why she used PledgeMusic to offer her fans an exclusive preorder of her latest EP, Slack Tide.  Jenny also details how she has drawn inspiration from books, The X-Files, and in the case of her ongoing song series, Exhibit, regular visits to her favorite museums.





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Howard Feibusch was supposed to go to medical school.  Over a beer at Greenpoint's Brouwerij Lane, Howard divulges why he chose a career in music instead, fronting a Brooklyn alternative rock trio that shares his first name.  The band recently released their debut LP, Religion, which touches upon Howard's Orthodox Jewish upbringing.  He explains why he's grateful to have something to rebel against and what it was like hearing rock music for the first time.



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Jack Cleverly of the UK band Cymbals sits down with me in the bustling backyard of Crown Victoria in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Jack tells why he sings some songs in French, despite the fact that none of his bandmates speak the language.  He also talks about recording their EP, Sideways Sometimes, on a boat, and how his wife has influenced his music.



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Ben Sterling of New York pop band, Cookies, joins me for a drink beside the pinball machines of Park Slope's Owl Farm.  Having started recording in 2009, the final year of his time in Mobius Band, Sterling tells why it took until this year for Cookies' debut LP, Music for Touching, to come out, amidst a changing music industry and a changing New York City.



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Zac Colwell and Dave Heilman of Fancy Colors meet me in the Lower East Side at Whynot Coffee & Wine for some glasses of the latter.  The duo formed while both members were in indie rock outfit Jupiter One, when it became apparent that Zac was writing too many songs for one band to keep up with.  Since 2012, Fancy Colors have released an EP and two albums, including this summer's Island of the Dead.  Colwell and Heilman often perform with artists as diverse as Of Montreal, Sondre Lerche, and Nicole Atkins, and they reflect on how playing with different musicians influences them.



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The Majorleans' Nicky Francis and Chris Buckle knock back some bottles with me at Mission Sound in Brooklyn, NY during the making of their album, Black Belt.  Mission is actually the fourth studio they've cut the tracks in, with the recording process ranging from a dangerous Chinese church basement to Nicky's living room.  While the guys both play guitar in the band, they explain why they wrote most of the LP's songs on drums and bass.  Their Grammy-winning engineer and co-producer, "Bassy" Bob Brockmann, has worked with everyone from Bob Dylan to the Notorious B.I.G.  He reveals what attracted him to the Majorleans, why he prefers tape to ProTools, and the story behind his nickname.




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Kenny Vasoli has a beer with me in the backyard of Brouwerij Lane in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. While you may know him from The Starting Line, Vasoli has been making "nu-hula" tunes with his band Vacationer since 2010.  He describes how the group used audience reactions to their live set to inform the mood of their more-realized follow-up LP, Relief. He also explains how he got into Polynesian music, what it's like singing about a former love, and why he wouldn't mind being the new Jimmy Buffett.



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Dave Wakeling of the English Beat invites me onto the tour bus before a show at Brooklyn Bowl.  With songs in films like Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Kingpin, and Clueless, Wakeling has seen his fanbase continue to grow long after the breakups of the Beat and General Public.  Now those fans are even able to sing on For Crying Out Loud, the first English Beat album in over 30 years.  Dave shares the stories behind a few of the new tunes and tries his hand at standup comedy.



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Speak's Joey Delahoussaye and Nick Hurt join me for some witte beers in the front bar at Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg.  For their sophomore LP, Pedals, the band took every aspect of the album into their own hands, from the writing to the mixing to the artwork.  The guys discuss that lengthy process, their collaborations with RAC, and how they adapt their multi-layered sound to a live setting.



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All four members of Miniature Tigers sip on summer ales in Dumbo, Brooklyn, as they discuss their sunkissed fourth album, Cruel Runnings.  The Tigers explain how they intended to create a classic record reminscent of their teens, and how recording the LP in Jamaica actually helped them to focus.  With the quartet scattered across the country, they also offer advice on how to keep a long-distance band together.



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Jon Cleary left England long ago for New Orleans, and over the years, he has gained considerable acclaim as a sideman, solo artist, and bandleader of the Absolute Monster Gentlemen.  Over breakfast at White Oak in Brookyn, NY, Cleary discusses the history of NOLA funk, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and the thrill of playing with a live band.



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Minneapolis singer-songwriter Jeremy Messersmith has a beer with me at One Mile House before his show at Bowery Ballroom.  Messersmith explains how the phases of his life, from his Christian upbringing to majoring in computer science to becoming a college professor have all had a role in his craft.  Jeremy also describes his demoing process and how his fourth record, Heart Murmurs, ended up with a much larger sound than his earlier albums.



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Paul Smith of Maxïmo Park sips a soda at The Globe prior to the band's gig at Gramercy Theatre. He tells the tale of why he doesn't drink before a show, and how the group collaborated with Mordue Brewery to create a beer called Maxïmo No. 5 in honor of their fifth LP, Too Much Information.  He discusses all aspects of the record, from self-production to mixing via Skype to the story behind the tongue-shaving artwork.  Smith also reveals how the band came to choose the cover songs included on the deluxe edition of the album.

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Mad Caddies' trumpeter Keith Douglas drinks a few brews with me at the Whiskey Tavern in Chinatown to celebrate Dirty Rice, the band's first album in seven years. Keith reveals what they were doing on their break, and how recording in an old barn from their past helped to shape the sessions.  A self-declared food lover, Douglas also shares some of his favorite things to eat on tour, as well as an eel-filled drinking story from Germany.



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Terri Nunn of Berlin has her first-ever pre-show drink before a gig at NYC's Cutting Room.  She explains how punk music opened the door for the band's electronic pop sound in the late '70s.  Despite a few battles over some suggestive content, Nunn attests to the power of MTV in its early years.  Terri also reveals how a lucky encounter with Giorgio Moroder resulted in the international #1 hit "Take My Breath Away," and how a job as a radio host inspired her to incorporate EDM into the band's latest album, Animal.




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Hollis Brown is a current rock band that makes the kind of songs you would've heard at Woodstock. Singer/guitarist Mike Montali has a beer with me to celebrate the band's latest record, Hollis Brown Gets Loaded, a Velvet Underground tribute album released as part of Record Store Day. He discusses the recent changes in their lineup, a collaboration with rapper DMC, and how a Salvador Dali painting inspired him to write lyrics in Spanish.



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Ed Williams, Michael Girardot, and Andrew Campanelli of the Revivalists throw back some brews in their (parked) van on Wythe Avenue before a concert at Brooklyn Bowl.  A renowned live act out of New Orleans, they just re-released their album City of Sound with a bonus disc of live cuts.  They share their rules for selecting a cover song, their favorite food on tour, and how a gig at a craft beer festival landed them a trip to India.



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Jake Smith a.k.a. The White Buffalo pounds a beer with me in a backstage hallway at Irving Plaza in NYC.  Known for his ferocious live shows, Smith could potentially tour for eternity on his latest LP, Shadows, Greys, & Evil Ways.  A timeless concept album about the trials and tribulations of a young couple, it's been praised by fans and critics alike.  Jake tells how the songs came together to fit the story, what it's like playing onstage with his son, and why alcohol often plays a role in his tunes.



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As a founding member of the Mekons, Jon Langford has been making music since the 1970s, so we had a lot to talk about in this two-beer chat at Halyards in Brooklyn.  He covers his entire history, from his childhood in Wales, to art school in Leeds, to his migration in the '90s to Chicago, where he formed the Waco Brothers.  Now backed by his band, Skull Orchard, he's just released Here Be Monsters, his critically lauded sixth solo LP.  Langford also explains how he came to design labels for Dogfish Head Brewery, and reveals the greatest gig he's ever seen.



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As the drummer of Soulive, Alan Evans has played several concerts over the years, but the biggest event is always the band's two-week Brooklyn Bowl residency known as Bowlive.  Over a backstage beer during Bowlive 5, Evans gives a brief history of the tradition and shares his daily routine on a gig day.  Alan explains what it's like to feed off the energy of the audience, his bandmates, and any number of special guests that frequently sit in with the band.  He reveals it's this same energy that inspired the Alan Evans Trio to record their latest album, Woodstock Sessions Vol. 1, live in a room full of friends.



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The World/Inferno Friendship Society's Jack Terricloth has a few drinks with me at Matt Torrey's in Williamsburg.  He shares his thoughts on what makes a good bar and why he prefers to write songs about historical figures.  Jack reflects on his first punk show, his time in Sticks & Stones, and the collaboration with Mitch Clem to create a comic book to accompany the band's latest EP.



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Gordon Voidwell sits down for a drink between DJ sets at Brooklyn Bowl.  He explains why he classifies his music as "memory pop" and why fashion is important to him as a performer.  Having just released his third mixtape, Bad Études, Gordon shares his thoughts on the current state of the music industry, as well as his picks for a dream producer.



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Chris Mills and I sit down for "the best interview he's ever been a part of" in this funny, milkshake-fueled chat at Fort Greene's 67 Burger.  Mills explains how teaching affirmed his idea of the power of a song, and how Kickstarter demonstrated that power firsthand with fans of his around the world.  Some have even named their children after him!  He talks about a few of the tunes on his latest LP, Alexandria, a full-band effort that can't easily be confined to a genre.





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Episode 9: Chris Kasper

Philadelphia folk artist Chris Kasper has a pre-show drink with me at Little Town in NYC.  On the road with the Wood Brothers, Chris takes a guess at why artists from Amos Lee to Tristan Prettyman choose to bring him along on tour.  He details the entire process of his latest album,Bagabones, from workshopping tunes in a primitive cabin in upstate NY to the finishing touches that were funded via PledgeMusic.  He also tells what makes a great cover song, and champions the healing power of music.



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Dan "Lebo" Lebowitz of ALO has a beer with me at the Wythe Hotel's Rooftop Bar in Brooklyn, NY.  Having just played a show at Brooklyn Bowl with his latest side project Incidental Animals, he explains the nuances of performing with improvisational groups like Everyone Orchestra and Kimockowitz, as well as backing singer-songwriters like Brett Dennen and Jack Johnson.  Lebo reveals how an interest in jazz led to his discovery of world music in college, and why it was important for ALO to establish their Hot Tub Club fan service.



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Sasha Carlson of the alternative shoegaze band Splashh joins me for some New York beers at the Gibson in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  In the midst of a two-night stand at the Brooklyn Bazaar, he explains how he's road-testing songs for the upcoming Splashh LP.  A native of New Zealand and Australia, Carlson tells how crowds vary worldwide, and divulges his dream vacation.



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Episode 6: Beat Radio

Brian Sendrowitz a.k.a. Beat Radio joins me for happy hour at the Churchill in New York.  A self-proclaimed "dad rocker," he explains that having a day job and a supportive family actually allows him the freedom to make the kind of music that he wants to make.  He also discusses the difficulties of crowdfunding, what it was like being a music blogger's darling in the early days of blogging, and how he found inspiration in a certain Swedish pop star.



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Johnathan Rice and I get a sidewalk table at Bar Chevere before his concert at Mercury Lounge.  He explains why Largo is his favorite venue, how he came up with the idea for his latest single's blood-drenched music video, and what it was like watching a movie with Lou Reed.



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Bleu has a beer with me during his stop at the Bowery Electric on the PledgeMusic Tour.  He reveals the source of his name, why he went electronic on his newest album, and what it's like at the Hanson compound.



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All five members of Pennsylvanian indie rock band Edelweiss share a table with me at Sugar Cafe.  They discuss their evolution from garage cover band to fidgety dark-wavers on their latest EP, Honduras.  Each musician also reveals his dream act to open for.



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Siddhartha Khosla of Goldspot invites me into the green room at Rockwood Music Hall in New York, NY.  He reveals the backstory of his latest work, Aerogramme, which is his most personal album to date.  Sidd recalls childhood memories from India, and he also explains why it was important for him to release a song from the album as a charity single.



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Episode 1: Broken Anchor

Austin Hartley-Leonard of the L.A.-based band, Broken Anchor, sits down for a chat at the Thompson LES Hotel Bar in New York, NY.  He discusses his new album, Fresh Lemonade, and how he wrote some of the songs in his sleep.  Austin also reveals how alcoholism was holding him back from creating his best tunes, and how he's adapting into a one-man band following the departure of his drummer.



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